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Learn about us and our family-owned, estate vineyard. Our traditional Tuscan-style tasting room has become a must-visit for wine enthusiasts and fans alike.

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Learn more about Naggiar Winery, a surprising gem in the budding Sierra Foothills wine industry. Naggiar is much more than just an off-the-beaten-path treasure, our winery is the source of some of California’s most desirable grapes. In our decades of production, our grapes have been prized by world-famous wineries seeking and finding the best fruit in our array of varietals grown at the ideal 1,300-foot elevation. We save our most prized grapes, however, for the enjoyment of our guests. Our wines are ripe with nuance, distinctly evocative, and always exceeding expectations.

Pair these unprecedented wines with our picturesque one hundred and thirty-five acre estate, traditional Tuscan-style tasting room. It is easy to see why wine enthusiasts, along with local residents, drive the scenic and historic Route 49 to visit Naggiar for memorable wine experiences. 

wine that tastes
like home

The Naggiars hope to leave a piece of themselves with each visitor, just as they leave the legacy of a retirement hobby that grew into an award-winning winery to their son, grandsons, and future generations. An award-winning winery – voted Best Winery by KCRA3 A-List voters for an unprecedented 9 years in a row – but a family passion as well.

Mike and Diane Naggiar


Mike & Diane Naggiar turned their passion for wine into a beautiful family-owned business to be passed down for generations. Learn more about their remarkable story.


Our beautiful, picturesque vineyard is the ultimate place to go for relaxation and enjoyment. Visit Naggiar Vineyards and Winery and experience our 60 acres of premium wine grapes.